SCHOOL TIMES : In a black world

What does ‘black’ mean to you? Evil, hatred, the worst colour?

For me, it is my life. When I had just learned to toddle, I met with a serious accident in which I lost my eyesight. In other words I became ‘blind’.

The colours of the rainbow, the alluring beauty of nature, everything was lost to me. My world was shrouded in black. However, it taught me one thing — to delve and see the kindness of the other person’s heart. So I do not understand why people who have two eyes cannot see the goodness in other people.

Some people detest us, while some love and care for us so much that they prevent us from exploring the vast horizons. They fail to let us ‘live a life’, instead they confine us within four walls and do not believe in our calibre.

These kinds of behaviour dampen my spirit and sometimes I feel that my life is nothing but something empty, a void. Yet I don’t feel like giving up because who knows I might be the next Helen Keller or Ray Charles or our own Nepali singer Ishwar Amatya. — Prajana Kayastha, Class X, Vidhya Sagar S School, Banepa, Kavre