SCHOOL TIMES : In memory of our beloved Sir

His soul has departed, but he is still alive in our memories.

We salute a great teacher that was Khadak KC. His last assingment for us was ‘Meanings into Words’, but we never got a chance to get it checked by him.

He had gone for kidney stone operation but due to human error water got deposited in his lungs causing him respiratory problems.

He was put on a ventilator, but time had run out on Khadak sir.

He was one of the most cheerful teachers we ever knew. His satires on the political crisis still ring in our ears. It is often said that God loves those who do good for others on earth, and we are finding it true.

We know will not not be able do more for you, but we promise we will try our best to accomplish your dre-am of making the education system practical. You were not only our teacher, but also our beloved friend.

Let the world know that a real son, a patriot, a dutiful teacher, a caring father, a loving husband has. May his vision and contributions to the education section last forever. — Bed Prakash Bhatta, Class XII (Biology major), Little Angels’ College, Lalitpur