SCHOOL TIMES : Lessons in my Granny’s lap

I had a lovely and kind grandmother. She loved me a lot. I have many sweet memories of her. Every night she used to tell me interesting stories. Now I am sad as I can no longer listen to her stories because she is no more. Among many stories she told me, my favourite is Promise.

In the story there are three girls, one from higher class, one from middle class and the other one from lower class. Despite the so-called class differences, they were very good

friends. One day lying beneath a peepal tree they made a promise of sisterhood. They

decided to live with each other and not to leave one another under any circumstance.

A few months later the third girl’s mother felt ill. She had to undergo operation, but the girl did not have enough money for her mother’s treatment. As they had promised each other, the two other girls helped her. And everybody kept their promises when anyone among them was in trouble. In this way they lived happily.

I believe friendship and relationships are for one to share your sorrows and happiness. But it is sad that true friendship is rare. In the present context the story is very meaningful. Nowadays people are very selfish and they break their promises for their benefit and personal gain. If my Grandma was alive today I might have learnt many more important things from her.

— Pawan Chandra Baniya, Class VIII, Magus English School, Kirtipur