SCHOOL TIMES : Long lasting friendship

It is an inevitable fact that a man is moulded according to the company he keeps. In a persons life there is a direct or indirect impact of friendship. If a man keeps bad company, it takes no time for him to turn bad as well. Therefore, one should think properly while making friends. It is obvious that a man generally makes friends of the same age and having the same interests. This helps a man in different ways whether it is in his studies or for while having fun. Friendship is such a strong thread, which can be made long lasting if one keeps these simple things in mind.

• No two people are the same, hence in friendship everyone should respect each other’s view.

• Friends should be given a chance to think independently

• In the absence of your friend, you should also not backbite about him/her.

• If you are not satisfied with something s/he has said or done tell them frankly

• You should always be ready to help a friend who is in need

• You should even try to point out his/her faults or negative traits so that s/he can correct them

• A good friendship always depends on good manners, nice conversations and a helping attitude.

If we can consider these things, we can have a good and everlasting friendship.

— Sudin Shrestha,

Class VIII, Future Stars

High School