SCHOOL TIMES : Lost in imagination

It was a very dark night and almost 11:30 pm when I looked at my watch. I had to finish my

assignments so I ignored

the time and wrote with my pen as fast as possible as I had to finish an essay describing my country.

After writing a few lines in my notebook I realised that I could not write anything about the good things about my country due to the fact that it’s in a critical condition. Then I imagined my beautiful new Nepal.

In my imagination, I saw my motherland was very beautiful. I saw each and every corner of Nepal free from any kind of waste dumped in that place. I saw that my brother was busy surfing the internet while my father was busy enjoying a cricket match on television. My mother too was busy in the kitchen using some electrical appliances.

I imagined that villages had electricity and children there were studying. The remote areas of Nepal were no longer unreachable as we could easily reach there by airplanes or buses plying to those places. I was astonis-hed to see that many new industries had been establi-shed and almost every one in the country was employed.

I suddenly opened my eyes, I could see nothing around me, I was frightened. When I looked at my watch the time was 12:15 am in the morning and I realised that it was time for load shedding in my area. I then realised that I had had the most beautiful dream and it also made me realise that imagination only can never turn into reality until we work hard on making it turn into one. Having come to the conclusion I put my pen down and went to bed for a good night’s sleep.

— Kalapee Dahal,

Class XI, Trinity