SCHOOL TIMES : Making a difference

From the time of evolution to this age of modern machines, history has given birth to many exceptional talents who have shocked us and shaken the foundations of mankind. These extraordinary people, examples of human knowledge and agility are known as geniuses.

Someone once said, “A genius is the one who has two solutions for a single problem.”

True. A genius has a versatile and wide perspective of looking at things. They are aloof from the outer world and lost in their own imagination. Their ideas and lifestyles are quite different from the others so they are slightly segregated from society. But there is no genius who doesn’t have a drop of madness. They are so keen in their studies that they don’t have time for the outside world.

For instance, Albert Einstein, was a true genius. He used to be so occupied in his work that he at times even forgot his own name. He had an extraordinary ability to focus on a single subject for months and even years. Thus, he came up with the ‘Theory of Relativity’.

‘Imagination is the mother of creation.’

Keeping these magical words in mind, these great visionaries used the tool of imagination for the creation of new ideas and showed a new path for the modern world.

Leonardo Da Vinci, the great scholar and artist, who painted Mona Lisa and The Last Supper, two great paintings of all times, was also a versatile personality. He designed the layout of a flying machine almost 400 years before its invention just imagining what if a man could also fly like birds.

These scientists and scholars became great and are remembered now only because they were different and had different views from others.

Newton couldn’t have discovered the Universal Law of Gravitation if he hadn’t thought why did the apple fall down.

At that time many people might have seen the apple falling down but he was the only one to notice it and to ask why and how.

Our life is all about our ambitions and it depends upon us how we use it. There well may be other things in our life but we should always keep it in mind that we should try to think and be different. Who knows there may be a genius inside you?

— Suhan Nepal, Class X, Siddhartha Vanasthali