SCHOOL TIMES : My lost watch

We had a wonderful football match, but I found out that I had lost my watch that I’d got from Japan.

I’d kept it on a bench before the match, but couldn’t find it when the match got over. I went and looked in the ‘Lost Property’ box, but my watch wasn’t there too. I kept my waterbottle on a sofa nearby and kept looking for my watch. But could not find it.

Before going home, I requested my teacher saying I wanted to go and look for my watch one more time. I went to the bench area and looked everywhere nearby. Then someone passed me. I asked him. He had no idea. Someone else overheard me. He immediately shouted, “I think I have it!” He showed the watch and it was mine.

I remembered my grandfather telling me that we should never give up. This was what I had done today.

I returned home very happy, but when I reached home I remembered I had left my waterbottle.

I had found my watch but lost my bottle. Oh, no!!! — Gaurav Rawat, Class IV, The British School, Kathmandu