SCHOOL TIMES : Past the Iron Gate

It has been sometime since our so-called Iron Gate, and I am doing ‘nothing’ these days. I’m just getting more and more lazy by the day. I thought I would have a fantastic time after SLC, but there is nothing to do, but your life seems to get no better. It is just like it was before. Instead you get even more pressurised.

When you sat for your SLC, people actually think you have automatically grown up. So you land up in the land of nowhere. Which college to join? How to spend your days? What to study? To go for bridge courses or not?

Your life gets so complicated.

You don’t have any means of entertainment. Half the time, there is load shedding, and one feels pretty lazy to walk outside in the scorching sun. And now when you can actually get rid of your books, you have a strange desire to study! You wish to practice your sums! Is it just happening to me or all of us?

If this is what happens after SLC, then I wish I could go back to my pre-SLC days. I never thought I would say this — but I wish I could go back school.

I wish I could to hear the teachers scold me. It has been ages since I heard the phrases like “Get out of the class room”, “Incomplete home work?”, “Stop talking and pay attention”, “What happened to the project that you had to submit today?”

I guess the only thing that I want to say is that “I am boooooooooored!”

— Bishaka Karki,

SLC batch 2065, Triyog

High School