However hard the life is

There is nothing that one

cannot achieve

However difficult the

circumstances are

Troubles should be

moved afar.

Life’s highway goes up

and down

On which everyone’s

got to walk

The harder the journey


The more power you gain.

The key to success is within us

If we ignore our power,

we’re sure to lose

Believe in God as He is

the Captain

Wherever he leads us is

always for better.

— Sulaxana Rumba, Class VII, GEMS School, Lalitpur

Game of life

Life is fixed like a game

Manage and play with care

Always think of the fame

you’ll get

By winning this game.

Foul is the bad act of the game

And with our minds we

think big

Think of yourself as the

best player

So that you are praised forever.

Don’t be afraid of sorrow

And don’t think too narrow

Change sorrow into glory

So you can always

have victory.

— Santosh Budhathoki,


Where we study

School is the place

Where we get knowledge

and wisdom

People go to temples

To worship God for peace

Students go to school to gain knowledge

That will make their future

Prosperous and bright

And their life will be

Full of happiness.

— Binita Rajbanshi, Class IX, Mahendra Bhawan HSB School, Kathmandu

My wish

I wish I were a bird

To fly and soar like one.

I wish I were a flower

To spread my fragrance


I wish I were a rainbow

To scatter my colours

across the sky.

I wish I were a tree

To give fruit, shelter

and oxygen.

I wish I were a book

To give people knowledge.

I wish I were a wonder

To be talked about and watched by all.

— Rajshree Kabra, New Don Bosco Academy, Kathmandu


Water is a lovely thing

Dark and rippling in a spring.

Black and quiet in a pool

In a puddle, brown and cool.

In a river, blue and gay

In a raindrop,

silvery grey.

In a fountain, flashing white

In a dew drop, crystal bright.

In a pitcher, frosty cold

In a bubble, pink and gold.

In a happy summer sea

Just as green as it can be.

— Sujan Magar,

Future Star Boarding School, Kathmandu

My words

My best colour is blue

I stick paper with glue

Every mother has son

Our national colour is crimson

Armymen carry gun

We get light from the sun

When I went to school

My friends says ‘Hi’

By writing this poem

I want to say good bye.

— Amit Dhakal, Class V,

Kathmandu English School, Kathmandu