SCHOOL TIMES : Renaissance man

Leonardo da Vinci is one the most renowned and greatest painters. He was also a scientific genius. From his teens, he was a talented guy. He loved music, was a genius in military science and designed machine guns, rapid fire guns, conical shells and shrapnel. Apart from this, he also designed a helicopter, parachute, wind gauge, earth drill, rolling mills, a screw cutting machine, a bulldozer, a cement mixer among other things.

He was the first scientist to understand the fossils. Da Vinci also announced the wave theory of light and sound, perceived that light can be bent, and enunciated the theory of centrifugal force. He has also painted portraits like ‘Mona Lisa’, ‘The Last supper’, et cetera.

Da Vinci was not only a painter as he is popularly known but also a sculptor, inventor, scientist, musician. He was an all rounder and can be rightly called a true ‘Renaissance’ man. — Satish Adhikari, Class IX, Kanchenjunga Secondary School