SCHOOL TIMES : Saving mother Earth

Mount Everest now can be conquered easily in less than nine hours. Guess why? Because all the glaciers there are melting. River Bagmati, the holy river, that used to ‘flow’ past Pashupatinath is now steady and has stopped flowing in places due to deposition of waste and filth. We can see the climate pattern is changing. These are matters of great concern. All this is happening due to pollution and over exploitation of natural resources, and it will end only by preservation and conservation.

Nepal was not like this before, Kathmandu was green and Bagmati was clean. Why have we betrayed nature? Excessive emission of harmful gases in the atmosphere and pollution is causing global warming, an unwanted climate change which is melting snow. Then there are problems like deforestation, extinction of wildlife and the rise of various fatal diseases among humans. Such activities of humans is not only destroying nature’s beauty but also having negative impacts in the world we live in.

So, what are we waiting for? Don’t we want our home, our Earth to live and prosper. Let’s start by conservation and protection from our own houses and contribute each and every individual can help to conserve nature. Let us use less energy, use paper bags instead of plastic, manage our garbage and spread awareness not only for nature but for mankind’s future itself. We have disturbed the balance between nature and mankind, we are the only ones who can restore it, all that is needed is our determination. 

— Anuj Dev Chudal, Class VII, Universal College Preparatory School