SCHOOL TIMES : Saying our final goodbyes

Memories are forever

Tears were rolling down our cheeks on the last day of our school. Some were getting photographs clicked with their friends, while others were promising each other that they would remain friends forever.

Our journey into a world different from what we had known had now begun. My school life has provided me happiness, excitement and satisfaction. Who is well educated and well-known from one’s birth itself? No one — not even the Buddha.

If one has to learn the real meaning of life, he has to devote his time to learning. I hope my friends have got this secret.

The thirteen years in school are my most cherished years. I spent very little time at home. My school was in fact my home. I have peculiar love for everything that is a part of my school even the buildings, desks, blackboards, everything.

I have been able to make very good friends with whom I have shared every sweet moment and bitterness of life. I wish we could all be together for the rest of our lives, but time has come for us to say our goodbyes. But they will live forever in my memories.

I am really proud to be a student of Vanasthali. Best of luck to all my friends. And if anyone should ask you, “What is your maxim for life?”, don’t forget to shout out our school’s maxim: “Knowledge is Power.” — Santosh Acharya, Class X, Siddhartha Vanasthali Institute

Things I’ll miss

Time moves on and so do we.

I always knew that I would have to leave school one day but I didn’t the thought much time as spent my days following the daily routine and preparing for my exams.

And even on the last day I couldn’t believe that I was leaving the place where I had spent some of the most beautiful days of my life.

Almost everyone in my class started crying, but I behaved as I thought any normal person would and didn’t cry.

Today I have realised why my friends were crying that day. I’ve realised what I will be missing out for the rest of my life. I miss the daily routine of classes, teachers, friends and even those boring homework.

Every night before I go to sleep, I hope that I’ll wake up and find out that this was all just a dream. — Sadikshya Karki, Class X, St Mary’s High School

Time with our friends

We’ve crossed the ‘Iron Gate’ and we are already missing the days that we spent in the last 10 years. Days of friendship, days that we spent by sharing our tears, jokes and laughter — these are all gone.

I am realising the value of those years only now. Even if we cry oceans of tears, it will not be enough to heal our pain of separation from our friends.

Shy and sensitive Avilasha, sweet and rational suggestions given by Susan and Shrijana, the aggressive but cute Seema, debates with Narendra even on small and negligible matters, Uttam and Saloveson’s teasings, stories of teleserials shared with Rashmila, romantic Bindu, Neeta and Malisha, ‘chhuparustam’ Bipin, lovely Anupama, Sanzee and Sahana, caricature king Ravi and his sleepy nature, cricket matches and scores shared with Jagrit, Laxman and Anil, Rakshya’s jokes, moments with Niranjan and Satish, unforgettable jokes shared with Hikmat will always remain with me.

The memories of our teachers are also unforgettable. The love they gave us is a source of inspiration for our future.

Our school has not only imparted course-oriented knowledge, but has given us lots of experiences that we can use in our life.

The rule of nature is that we meet to part and we should accept it. The relation shared by hearts is stronger than any other relation. — Shataakshi Dahal, Gyan Niketan English Boarding School