SCHOOL TIMES : Sharing gift of knowledge

At times, I wonder what actually is the goal of learning. Why am I studying? Why are we all after gaining as much knowledge as possible and becoming scholars and philosophers? If we learn just for the sake of learning, getting knowledge, knowing many things and becoming all knowing, what precisely is the use of that bulk of knowledge that we earn from our sheer hard work after we die? All of it will fade away with us.

And then a thought struck my mind — Ah! Yes, we learn and gain knowledge for the sake of others, for the upcoming generations, who will run the world after us. And that is why I believe that we should share the knowledge we have gained and let others know what we know. Who knows, that might be of great help to a person at the time of need.

For this very reason, I believe that teaching is one of the most wonderful jobs that a person can take up, to impart knowledge to others and enlighten young, ignorant minds. Teachers are the candles that light our lives and help us shine. However, I feel sad seeing some teachers who keep restrictions while teaching, maybe for the purpose of gathering some students for private tuitions or because they dread that others might know what they know and become more learned than them. There is no point in being misers in the field of imparting education, as that is how we become appreciated for what we know and people become grateful to us for what we give. The more we share knowledge, the greater it becomes.

There are other ways of conveying what you know to others. May it be just putting forward your point in any class discussion or simply telling your younger siblings about what you know and learning something more from them, you are contributing to making the future of the world brighter. Let us all learn to give and make the earth a better place.

— Neha Jha, Class X, Galaxy Public School