SCHOOL TIMES : Starting anew

Happy birthday! Many, many happy returns of the day!

Who doesn’t like to be wished on their birthday? We feel great when we are wished by our dear ones. We get excited wondering what is going to happen in our life. The enthusiasm to do something new and to make a new resolution is always there. The trend of celebrating birthdays has been there for thousands of years. This trend is followed by a lot of people in our country too.

It is believed that if everything goes right on your birthday, then your whole year is going to be filled with pleasure. Most of the people try to do good things on their birthdays. Celebrating birthdays always gives you a really a nice feeling. It is a great feeling which gives you a drive to move forward, forgetting your past troubles and heading towards the future with new hope.

— Pushpa Palanchoke, Class IX, Vidhya Sagar

Secondary School