SCHOOL TIMES : Time to save mother Earth

Do you remember the most pleasant moment of your life? For me, I guess it is the time when I am in close proximity to mother nature. Yes! nature the only God or Goddess who offers almost everything altruistically. She doesn’t ask for anything in return for her kindness and generosity but only its wise utilisation. And do you think that we, human beings the so called ‘supreme’ creatures have been successful in this task? I don’t think so.

Just observe the surroundings around you. The environment is deteriorating with each passing day. The air we inhale, the water we drink, the food we eat, almost everything is polluted. Who do you think is responsible for this condition — the monkey in the zoo? Or the tiger in the jungle?

We have to accept it is us. We are responsible for this havoc and miseries around the world.

And we are now suffering from the fury of mother nature. She patiently endured whatever disastrous acts that we conducted. But our actions are crossing the limits and now we must suffer the terrible wrath of mother

nature. Several millions of people have lost their lives due to calamities like earthquakes, tsunami, hurricane and famine. Famine is a burning issue in third world countries. Ozone layer depletion because of increment of carbon dioxide and other harmful gases are yet unsolved problems.

Who knows, if the level of pollution remains the way it is or even worsens, one day our existence would be confined to pages of history only? So let’s start from today and take an initiative to save nature. Don’t wait for your neighbours or relatives to do it. Who knows maybe they are waiting for you to take the first step?

— Ajay Yonzon, Class X, Manakamana English Boarding School