SCHOOL TIMES : Unforgettable trip

I was so excited to visit Australia. I knew it was going to be extremely good. I will tell you how excellent it was.

Day One

While waiting for the plane my dad and I played chess and my mother read a magazine. Finally the flight was ready and we took off to Bangkok.

At Bangkok Airport

I was surprised how much time it took to reach the gate. We all stood in different lines to see which the fastest line was, the line which I chose went the fastest and we boarded the plane. We reached Sydney at 1:30 pm.

Day Two


Soon the plane landed we collected our baggage’s and underwent a strict immigration and customs check. We then went to domestic airport by a train. At the check in counter we got a boarding pass to Gold Coast.

Gold coast

At Gold coast we stayed at my friends place called Akshobhya Pandey house.

Day Three

Mom and dad went for some very scary rides and had lots of fun. We also went to the beach, we were very hungry so we went to McDonald’s to have our lunch.

Day Four

We went to a water park called ‘Wet ‘n’ Wild’. There were about 30 different rides, many which we enjoyed riding. Then we went to the Australian fair for shopping.

Day Five

The day we were going back to Sydney I didn’t want to go anywhere so I studied and played with my friend. On the way to the airport I took some white sand from a beach.

Day Six

We checked in our Hotel at Circular Quay last night. Today we went to the Wildlife Zoo and saw many like snakes and spiders. We also saw koala bears, wallabies and wombats. We went to Sydney Aquarium and saw many fishes, playpuses and birds too.

Day Seven

My father had a conference with other doctors. Then we went for Bondi Sightseeing tour. We also saw the famous Ferrari Showroom. We went to the China Town and then for Harbour cruise. We saw the world famous Harbour bridge and the Opera House.

Day Eight

We went to the Power house Museum and also visited the Maritime Museum. In the museum we saw the first Australian aircraft ever made.

Day Nine

On the last day I wrote some notes. My dad went for his conference and mom and I went to the ‘Queen Victoria Building’. Later we went to the Australian Observatory. We looked through telescopes and saw the whole of Sydney.

Back home

We boarded our flight back to Kathmandu, with sweet memories of this unforgettable trip.

— Gaurav Rawat, The British School