Whenever I am home, I often spend my time in the balcony or the terrace. We get a splendid view of the main chowk and the roadsides. My hobby has been to observe the activities of different people from my terrace.

I look at the people involved in various activities, but they never realise that someone is watching them. These people, doing their daily activities, usually makes me ponder, what if they realised that I was watching them — their excitement would probably change to nervousness. Besides that, their way of going about their work would also certainly change.

Sometimes, a few gentlemen gather at the tea-shop just across the road, and I can hear their political talks.

Most of the times, I can see children playing soccer in the fields.

Their laughs, screams, and enjoyment gives me flashbacks of my own childhood days. And, I can’t stop myself from smiling. At times I can’t help wondering whether I am making someone else happy too.

— Saugat

Lamichhane, Class IX, Gandaki Boarding School, Pokhara