SCHOOL TIMES : Working for my country

Every single child makes a promise to do something for the country. Some of them actually do, for some it becomes a dream, and many forget it and begin to think about themselves.

But everyone should do something for his/her country. As a country gives us our true identity, it becomes our responsibility to take care of it. We are lucky to be born in such country which is rich in natural and cultural aspects. We are proud to say that we are Nepalis because our ancestors have done so much for us and for this country. They have always been able to protect our sovereignty.

I have also made a promise to do something for my country and I am going to fulfil it after completing my studies. I will work for my country’s development .I will never let my country down. I will develop unity between the people and make them powerful.

— Dipraj Bista,

Class IX, Suroyadaya Sai Secondary School