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According to one’s interest, everyone has a habit of collecting posters, photographs, pieces and article cuttings at some stage in life. Putting everything in order later becomes tough. Interest too fades away and people get muddled about whether to keep things intact or throw them away. Making scrapbook could be a good solution, and a very good hobby to boot.

‘Scrapbooking’ is the practise of combining photos, memorabilia and stories in a book or an album. Scrapbooking has been around as long as there have been photos, but the scrapbooking that has evolved in the 90s is new and different.

How to start

Making a scrapbook is not a big deal though you need some creative ideas and innovative thoughts. The more you visualise and plan before starting one, the more attractive your scrapbook looks. The first thing you need to do is get one hardcover notebook or an album. Scissors, glue, coloured papers, sketch pens are other materials you need. The items — pictures, photographs, memorabilia, cards, stories, articles, poems, etc — you have collected should be arranged in an order in your scrapbook to make it organised. So, take out everything and segregate them accordingly.

The beautiful cards sent in your birthdays can be put aside whereas related pictures should be put together. One of the important things is to put in more endeavour while making the first page.

Making your first page

The first page is a major challenge to some people and to others it comes quite easily. You can put something that reflects you or talks about you in the first page. The first page should be attractive as well as informative. Pictures of your childhood could be put on the first page. Choose a few pictures of a single event. Pick out the best photos.

See if you have one great photo that should be the focal point of the page. Try to put according to logical sequence if any. Arrange according to size or according to date. You can crop one beautiful picture or photo.

Tips to make your pages go easier:

• Each page doesn’t have to be perfect.

• Every page doesn’t have to be elaborate. Keep them simple.

• Don’t buy too many supplies until you get started, they will overwhelm you.

• Remember why you are making an album. No matter what your personal reason is for making this album, it certainly shouldn’t be stressful for you.

Apart from your collections, you can always add something that attracts you in the market. There are several things you can find in gift shops or any other shops, which you would like to include in your scrapbook. It is better to buy supplies for a specific project. Your style of scrapbooking may change, too, as you learn.

Even as a beginner, you need to have a place to keep your supplies. Make it an organiser that can grow with you.