Secret in colours

Is there significance to an individual colour choice? According to colour psychology — yes.

Get to know what your favourite colour says about you.

Confident red :

Red is the colour of power. It will give the wearer a boost, make the most of his/her energy and confidence. On the down side, other people may find it a little intimidating.

Calm blue :

Blue encourages concentration. It is the colour of reason and calm. A pale blue denotes gentleness and a mood of reflection, while a navy blue indicates strength and authority. The wrong kind of blue can make a person appear unfriendly, blue with a hint of red or yellow in its make-up is more positive.

Tranquil green :

Green stands for a sense of balance and tranquillity. It is nature’s own colour.

Sunny yellow :

Yellow is the colour of sunlight. It lifts our spirits and boosts our self-esteem. It is an extrovert colour.

Spiritual violet :

Violet relates to the higher mind and the spirit. A slightly introvert colour that indicates the wearer enjoys their own company

Sexy pink :

Pink is a soothing and feminine colour. It is also a sexy colour.

Passionate orange :

Orange is another sexy colour but less maternal and more passionate and sensual than pink. It is also the colour of comfort and security.