Secrets revealed

Got the Monday blues? Here’s a fun quiz to add that perk to your weekday. Grab your pens (or pencils), a sheet of paper and mark the numbers one till 10 on it. Once you’ve done that, answer the questions given here very, very truthfully and see what your answers say about you.

1. What’s the shade of your hair?

a. Dark

b. Light

2. If you were out on a date, would you want to

a. Go to a party?

b. Go out to eat?

3. Choose your favourite colour from

a. Pink

b. Yellow

c. Baby-blue

d. Sea-foamgreen

4. Pick your favourite hobby out of:

a. Surfing

b. Skating

c. Skiing

5. If you could pick a store between these, which would you pick?

a. Old Navy

b. Pacific Sunwear

c. Victoria’s Secret

6. In the summer would you rather go to

a. The beach

b. Go somewhere cooler

7. Whats your birthday month?

January; February; March; April; May; June; July; August; September; October; November; December

8. Would you rather

a. Chill at home

b. Go out with friends

9. Name a person of the opposite sex


1. (a) Dark — Sexy; (b) Light — Sweet

2. (a) Go to a party — Playful; (b) Go out to eat — Romantic

3. (a) Pink — Cute; (b) Yellow — Loud; (c) Baby-blue — Cool; (d) Sea-green — Horny

4. (a) Surfing — active; (b) Skating — determined; (c) Sking — Daring;

5. (a) Old Navy — Preppy; (b) Pacific Sunwear — Fun; (c) Victoria’s Secret — Sexy

6. (a) Beach — Tan, likes the sun; (b) Somewhere cooler —Pale and original

7. January- Popular; February - Lovely; March - Loud; April - Playful; May - Chills out a lot; June - Happy; July - Smooth; August - Fun; September - Quiet; October - Out going; November - Pumpin’ it; December - Warm

8. (a) Home — Boring; (b) Go out with friends — Crazy

9. That person will fall in love with you!!!