Seeds of hope


Even the pouring rain did not deter the enthusiastic young people from accomplishing the feat they had set for themselves. Volunteers from Dan Kook University in Korea and students from Reliance International Academy and other colleges from Nepal, within five days transformed the walls and the garden of Durbar High School, Rani Pokhari. A total of 55 volunteers from Korea have come for two weeks visit to Nepal under the Summer Service Campaign organised by Service for Peace Nepal.

White washed, clean and sparkling walls of the school now greets the students. The garden, which was a mess with its overgrown plants, is now filled with new seedlings and looks beautiful. Bashudev Neupane, coordinator of the program said, “This is an attempt to bridge the gap between different nations and send the message that we all are a family.”

The program mainly focuses on education and environment. A similar program was conducted at Bal Mandir in Siphal as well. Besides the clean up campaign, students were also provided various educational materials and the volunteers organised an interactive session with the students. Son Min Jeong a volunteer from Dan Kook University who was busy gardening said that she was very happy and enjoying her work. “It is very exciting and the people here are very friendly,” she added. However, something she was not satisfied with was that the classrooms here are really dark. Han Seung Gwon, talking about his experience said, “Things here are very different than in Korea and it’s a totally new experience for me, the main problem I’m having is communicating with the kids due to language constrains.” Both of them were sure that they would certainly come back to Nepal in the near future.

According to Dev Raj Khyaju, volunteer, this is an initiative to motivate students to improve the environment and also a message for all Nepalis to take responsibility of their surroundings. “If volunteers from a foreign country can come and work for the improvement of our schools we should also take responsibility,” Khyaju said. To make sure that these volunteers from the two countries have long lasting relations a program was held on July 17 at Nepal Tourism Board where pairs were selected as Miterees (friends), to ensure that they have a friendship that lasts forever.