Culture and tradition is our identity, which we should preserve. But following them blindly in the name of preservation is foolish. We have inherited a lot of false rituals, which should be corrected.

In the Hindu religion, devotees compete on spending money to worship God, which is actually futile as these things decay making the temple premises grimy and dirty. Money spent on offerings can be spent on the poor people and can bring a smile to their face. It can also help the old, disabled and orphans, who live on the streets and outside the temples.

God doesn’t seek fruits, sweets, money, and garland. Instead God always desires to see pilgrims who are caring, affectionate and helpful. God wants devotees to feed the hungry, to care for the old and to love orphans.

Service to mankind is service to God. Another heinous act is the sacrifice of animals, which is heavily prevalent in our society. This must be stopped. This sort of ritual is tarnishing the fame and credibility of our culture and tradition. This should be strictly prohibited in shrines because people visit temple for peace and when they see these things around they get all the more depressed.

God is the synonym of love, harmony and affection. Good things should be cultivated. So everyone needs to correct their belief regardless of what prevails in the society. It would definitely grant a new dimension to our culture and tradition.