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Soochow University is located in Suzhou. As a ‘State 211 Project’ institution of higher education and Jiangsu provincial key comprehensive university, Soochow University has gone through 100 years of imparting educational courses. Courses offered: The university offers a wide range of courses including humanities, social science, politics and public administration, technical education etc. Student life: Soochow University has established institutional relationships with more than 80 colleges and universities in Japan, France, Korea, Singapore, Germany, America, Canada, Australia and Hong Kong. Annual enrolment of international students reaches more than 500. The University has been actively expanding international exchange.

The university has excellent amenities for international students with its well-furnished dormitories, modern gymnasiums, libraries and cafeteria. Faculty members: Soochow University currently has a faculty of more than 4,150 members, more than 1,100 professors and associate professors, 126 doctoral student supervisors, 572 master student supervisors, 10 provincial outstanding programme leaders are the prized assets of the university. For further information, visit