Sexy you

KATHMANDU: When it comes to night makeup, you have to indulge a bit more than you usually do. Whether you are attending some wedding or cocktail party or just trying to get that killer look for a dance party, a few changes in the way you put on makeup can do wonders for your whole look.

Since you will wear more makeup — or at the least, deeper colours — your foundation/

concealer/powder should be applied with the lightest possible hand. What you want is luminous, and covering up too much takes you in the opposite direction.

Understand that sheer, shimmering highlights — on cheekbones, browbones, eyelids, or lips — automatically makes you appear dressier, but not noticeably made-up.

Glamorous lips

A crimson mouth has always been a signature Hollywood glamour, but its freshest incarnation

is more of sheer, delicate, and less precise. A gorgeous red stain smudged on with a fingertip

is more modern and easier to wear than an immaculately lined mouth filled in with matte lipstick. After all you want to add enough colour and shine to make a stand-alone statement.

Rosy cheeks

Okay so you use blush all the time, but at night you can use a little bit more. How about layering shades to add depth and interest; the key to this is to blend and make it look natural.

Smoky eyes

Instead of the traditional grey, find a variation — dark green, burgundy, or chocolaty brown. A bronzy brown is a less intimidating way to do a smoky eye than black, but still quite glamorous.

Flirty hairdo

The secret to a diva hairdo is not to try too hard. You want something touchable, not perfectly

sculpted. Hair can look matronly if you have too much volume.

• A professional blowout is worth it: Some people can do their hair as well as their stylist, but it’s fairly rare. Just a little pampering and you get a sleeker, more polished look.

• A light, shine-boosting serum smooths flyaways, and makes your hair glossy without leaving it flat.


At night, they can project a fiercer, more sophisticated vibe. A narrow French braid snaking up one side of an otherwise relaxed, flirty style.


Fullness all comes down to the right products. Don’t do that much back-combing; just use product. You want a quick-drying product that provides cushioning and lift in strategic areas, say, on the crown or the sides.