Roshan Pradhan, a talented young artist, is holding his first solo painting exhibition titled ‘Hanger’ at the Nepal Art Council Gallery, which was inaugurated by Counsellor of

Press, Information and Culture of the Indian embassy, Gopal Baglay.

“We are hanging in this world the way our planet Earth is hanging in this Universe. We don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow, thus, so many things are hanging on time. So many times we cannot express, what is there in our mind and heart, so we can say that even our feelings are hanging,” said the artist explaining the title of his exhibition.

“Roshan Pradhan has this light within him and this comes out in his canvas, through different subjects and colours. His subjects are always uncommon,” said Baglay of the artist.

The formal function was rather too long with many artists, art critics and distinguished guests being invited to say a few words about Pradhan and his creations.

Describing his exhibition Pradhan said that it is “different” from his previous works as he believes that in “this 21 century new thinking needs to be brought out”.

He said his creations are a juxtaposition of sculpture and painting. Besides colours, he has used other mediums plaster of Paris, springs, threads and even a hanger.

One can see square shapes of different colours in the background as the artist believes that “there are steps to be covered in every stage of human life”, while he has used colours to express different emotions.

The exhibition is on till April 15