Shahid, leave me alone: Kareena

BOLLYWOOD: The Kareena-Shahid relationship went kaput years ago but that has not stopped people from linking the two, even when its unnecessary. As a result, there has been a growing feeling among family and well-wishers of Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor that their names keep recurring in connection with Shahid Kapoor much too often for it to be a mere coincidence. The couple, shooting a grueling song sequence in New York , has now begun to wonder why their names, especially Kareenas , should figure so prominently in write-ups and television stories on Shahid. Could the fact that his next release is around the corner have something to do with it A close friend of Saif-Kareena said, Kareena has been quietly watching the tamaasha unfold. Lately, almost every time Shahids name cropped up she too was mentioned , and not in a positive manner. To portray her as the restless woman who jilted Shahid for Saif is so unfair . Only Kareena and Shahid know what really happened to tear them apart.

The day Kareena opens her mouth, Shahid’s image of injured innocence will collapse in a heap. But Kareena is not one to wash dirty linen in public. She wishes Shahid well and would like nothing better than for both of them to move on. Kareena has moved on but the same cannot be said about Shahid. The strangest part, according to the couple’s friend, is the aggressive attitude the usually calm and restrained Shahid has towards Saif. The source said, Recent reports on Shahid insinuate that he has done better in Vishal Bhardwajs Kaminey than Saif did in the directors Omkara.

Commenting on whether there is a pattern to these recurring references to Saif and Kareena in connection with Shahid, Saif said, Normally, I wouldnt go by any conspiracy theory. But this does seem a little too much. Why are Kareena and I dragged into other peoples lives If someone talks about Kaminey, then I am forced to say the role was first offered to me. But do we have to resort to this silly game of one-upmanship Were all mature adults here and we should behave accordingly.

Kareena, who has so far maintained a discreet silence on the topic of Shahid’s constant fascination with anything to do with her, was aghast when a television channel on Wednesday night did a detailed hour-long report on how Kareena was trying to get Shahids current love Priyanka Chopra out of his life. Barely able to control her annoyance any longer, Kareena said, Why am I being dragged into all this I don’t like my name to come up in connection with other peoples lives. Ive moved on and I wish Shahid Kapur would also do so. Beyond that I don’t wish to say anything. Nothing can separate Saif and me. Certainly not these silly attempts to drag me back to a past I’ve left behind. Please leave us alone.

Despite repeated attempts, Shahid remained unavailable for comment.