Shahid says no to mum’s film


When Shahid Kapur’s mother Neelima Azim wanted to direct her first film Nawab Nautanki, little did she know that her star son would turn it down.

“Shahid is not a part of my film — he’s not acting in it, though he loved the script. He has been very evasive. All I can say is that his answer is no. I don’t think it will be a yes,”said the mother.

Prod her to share the reason and she said, “Why he said no, is not for me to say. He may be having his own reasons and logic. There may be some other reasons why he turned me down. Even if I had known them, I wouldn’t have disclosed them to the media.”

Neelima added, “The film is a sophisticated comedy and will have the feel of the golden years of Bollywood. You don’t get to enjoy the same dialogues, music and dances in today’s films.”

The casting of the film is also giving this former actress-and-dancer a problem. “Producers want big stars and stars want to know who the producers are before giving their consent. Nobody wants to be a part of a good film. Everyone wants to be a part of big banner,” she said. — Agencies