Shakira turns veggie for a month

LOS ANGELES: The Hips Don’t Lie singer tried to give up eating meat after she was given four birds to look after, but she soon gave into her cravings. She is quoted as saying, “I was living in Spain on a farm, and someone gave me four chickens. I named them and they became very close to me. And then I couldn’t eat them. I was like, ‘okay, if I cannot eat these chickens because they actually have names and they are my friends, I am not going to be able to eat any chicken again.’ So I became a vegetarian. I lasted for one month. I tried I really tried. Yeah, I gave it a go.”

Although Shakira is now a happy carnivore again she

has sworn never to resort to killing her pets for food. She added, “I didn’t last as a vegetarian — but I did not eat those chickens. I promise those chickens survived.” — Agencies