Our life is like a long journey. We pass through various stages, some good and some bad. Student life is a stage, which we all have to go through and which greatly changes the way we look at life.

We go to school to learn and gain education but in the real sense, it is more than that. It is the integral phase of our life that helps us lead a successful and prosperous life.

Students are like clay that can be moulded into any shape. This is the phase where we learn to compromise, tolerate, remain peaceful, delightful, work as a team, learn good manners, discipline to share, respect for elders and the love for our country.

A student’s life is very valuable, which often predicts the future of an individual. It is the only stage in which we are taught the major aspects of life. People should endeavour during this phase to reach the pinnacle in order to lead a sound and prosperous life in the future. — Deepika Sakha, Class 12, Kathmandu Don Bosco College