Share the blues!

How often has it happened that while you were trying to concentrate on your homework your mind kept thinking of something else? The same thing happened to me the other day. I

kept thinking about my friend who got into trouble for asking a simple question one day to the teacher.

Well, that was my mind, thinking about the event but there are other things that your mind is occupied with even matters of concern or worries that burden us, we for that matter tend to keep it among ourselves but it is always good to share it with others, I have a similar experience to share.

Once, what happened was, I had lots of homework to do and submit it but I wasn’t being able to concentrate, the reason being me thinking about my friend who had been in trouble.

It was 10 pm already yet I wanted to call her but I thought I might disturb her. Finally I went ahead and called her up, chatted with her for a while which might have comforted and her then I went on to my homework. Surprisingly, I was able to concentrate on my homework after that.

Well, what I want to actually convey here is that it gives you a lot of relief if you speak to someone when your mind is burdened with a problem or you are worried. I felt better after having talked to my friend when concentration was impossible for me and as for my friend I am sure it was vice versa for her. — Alisha Manandhar, Class 9A, Shuvatara School