Shears for style


It was an occasion when our celebrities and members of the media got to show how much they cared about a very important thing — their hair. Yes, some of them had an interesting hairstyling session at Beautyclubs, Bhatbhateni on February 6.

The event was organised by Beautyclubs to bid farewell to noted Korean hairstylist Kim Young Dae after his two-day stay here.

Sprinkling stardust at the occasion were noted singer Nima Rumba, actors Niruta Singh, Bipana Thapa and Richa Ghimire.

As soon as the organisers asked interested volunteers to come up for a styling session, a cheery Rumba was the first to raise his hand excitedly. He really seemed to enjoy the session too, for his face looked amazingly relaxed as soon as he got on the process.

“It was something new and enjoyable,” Rumba shared later. “The way he used the scissors was amazing and I also liked the hairstyle I got. As I am conscious about my hair and style, I was very happy.”

Apart from him, various members of the media also ‘seized the opportunity’ to get their hair styled.

The 36-year-old Dae, who hails from Idae in Seoul, also runs saloons in London and Indonesia, except in his home country. He has also worked for various celebrities at home.

“It feels very nice to be here. I am happy that I have also got to meet the celebrities,” he said. Regarding the difference between the hairstyles here and in Korea, he said, “The Korean people are more inclined towards shaggy looks. I have been here for only two days, but going by the impression till now, people here seem to prefer the heavy look.” — HNS