Shenaz caught in the name game

MUMBAI: “I’m thinking of dropping the ‘Vala’. Everyone mis-spells my last name confusing the V for W. I’m tired of it and Treasuryvala is oh-sooo-looong. So, from now on it may be Shenaz Treasury. For all other purposes-passport, bank etc I’m still a Treasuryvala with a V,” she says. And no, the actress hasn’t consulted any astrologer or face reader for the same. “I don’t really believe in all that. I just think Shenaz Treasury sounds sexier, unique and rolls off the tongue easier. People will be able to say my name easier. It won’t be mis-spelt and maybe it will be lucky,” she smiles. What if it doesn’t work? “If people don’t accept it, I’ll take back the ‘Vala’ but only if you spell it with a V!”