Shilpa scared of buri nazar!

MUMBAI: Like a fizzy drink, the effervescent Shilpa Shetty breezes into the room in a flurry.

You’ve barely had the chance to ask her, ‘So how’s it been post the engagement?’ before she laughs, “I don’t know! I mean, how is it meant to be? I think the press is more excited about the whole thing than I am!”

Try to settle the fizz a little, and get her to speak about her wedding plans in between the clicks of the camera, and she chastises you again, “Why would I tell you that now?” But will it be this year, or the next, and how big will it be, if she’s got a dream wedding? “I will make an official announcement, like I did for my engagement. There has to be a right time and place for everything, and I’m not talking, nazar lagti hai yaar! I understand that everyone’s really happy for me, but all I want to say is that I’m very happy, and we’ll make an announcement as soon as everything’s finalised.”

It takes even more wheedling to get Raj and Shilpa to pose together – Raj is visibly shy – and Shilpa says, “Posing together looks very cheesy, yaar! Kitna ajeeb lagta hai!” but finally obliges.

Leaving the wedding talk aside then, you can’t help but notice Shilpa’s luminous visage that’s more than glowing. When she came into the industry, she was so raw, how did she transform into one of the most gorgeous actresses we’ve got today? She says, “I belong to the beauty industry, but I didn’t always look like this, you know. I was the ugly duckling of the family! But I worked hard, and I’m into very healthy living. I don’t smoke or drink, I eat very healthy food, and I love yoga, so all that shows on your face, I think.”

And how about her transition to an A-list businesswoman, did she always have a nose for business? “No, no, I never thought I’d get here. I mean, I belong to a business family, we were brought up in that environment and Shamita and I were meant to take over our father’s business someday, but then, destiny had other beautiful plans for us.” So was it after she met Raj that her business acumen developed? “Well, it happened then, he really encouraged me. But I don’t see my ventures as business. It’s stuff that I’m really passionate about, like my spa, my IPL team and my yoga DVDs, and perfume’s hardly business!”

Ask her if she wants li’l sis Shamita to be out of Bigg Boss quickly so that she can join the fun, or if she’d like her to stay longer and win, and Shilpa says, “Like any sister, I want what’s best for her!” Yahan bhi diplomacy, Shilpa?