MUMBAI: Jermaine Jackson and Shilpa Shetty stuck a great rapport when they were in the Big Brother’s house In fact, Jermaine was the one who give Shilpa a lot of moral support when the actress had to face some rude comments made by Jade Goody. And it’s only natural that the actress would want to meet him during his visit to India. And while Shah Rukh Khan is throwing a party for him on October 14, the Bollywood hottie, yesterday fulfilled a wish that was on Jermaine’s list when he had planned this trip to India. When Shilpa got to know that Jermaine wanted to visit the Taj Mahal, she decided to arrange a visit for him.

“They both flew to Delhi yesterday afternoon and then went to Agra,” says a source. Shilpa also had beau Raj Kundra for company on the trip. Shilpa, who’s happy to meet her Big Brother inmate, says, “I am very happy that Jermaine could come to India. He and I share a great bond ever since we hit it off when I was in the show. He is a very nice person and I wanted to make this tour a memorable one for him. And what can be better than the Taj Mahal to make it special? Nothing can be more memorable.”