KATHMANDU: For many parents finding cute clothes for their babies (infants) is easy, but selecting the one that fits isn’t that easy at all. There are so many things they have to take into consideration like size, colour and material. Size can be a pretty tricky matter as children of that age grow quickly. Thus, it’s necessary that you shop for baby clothes according to their growth.

Here are certain things that parents need to keep in mind while shopping baby clothes.

• Comfort is the very first thing that one should focus on. Cotton is the best material for children as it is soft and natural. However, cotton clothing tend to shrink after wash, so it is advised to buy cotton outfits at least one size bigger.

• As far as possible, try to avoid outfits with elastic bands, cords or buttons. Babies love to play with cords, which might wind round their body. Too tight elastics are also not good for babies.

• As mentioned earlier buying perfect fitting clothes is waste of money because they will soon be too small. Buying a larger size will extend the amount of time your baby can wear those clothes.

• Most outfits have labels mentioning the size in terms of a baby’s age —12 or 18 months — so think about what age your baby will be when s/he will wear that outfit. Ask yourself:

“When my baby is X months old, what will the weather or temperature be like?” Get the answer to this question correct and you’ll buy clothes that not only fit, but also appropriate for the season.

• Often dressing up your baby in an outfit can be a struggle. Outfits that come in several pieces, button from behind or pull over the head may require more of your patience and time. Opt for outfits that come in one piece, open in the front, have zippers, or snap buttons, as they are easier to deal with.

Remember these points when you go Dashain and Tihar shopping for your baby. — Agencies