Show time : TGIF flicks


Thank God it’s Friday and for more reasons than one. For one, it’s time to let your hair down and get into the Dashain groove. And it’s also for popcorn and looked-forward-to films.

Two films will hit the screens this weekend — Laaga Chunari

Mein Daag and Bhool Bhulaiya.

Badki (Rani Mukherjee) and Chutki (KonKona Sen) live a fun-filled life in Benaras. Badki is aware the family is in dire straits, but she and her mother (Jaya Bachchan) protect Chutki at all costs. When things get worse, Badki decides to go to Mumbai and seek a living for

the family. Alone and unsupported in the midst of the urban jungle, Badki deliberately morphs into someone else, leading a secret life full of murky compromises. When Chutki comes to Mumbai to work, things take a dramatic turn. Badki’s life turns into a minefield, as she has to hide her secrets. This is the story of Laaga... which will be showing at Jai Nepal Hall and Gopi Krishna from October 12.

Bhool Bhulaiya is set in a small village, whose residents are conservative and superstitious. There is an ancestral palace, which belongs to Badhi (Manoj Joshi), and believed to be haunted. Siddharth (Shiny Ahuja) and Avni (Vidya Balan), son and daughter-in-law of Badhi’s elder brother, pay a visit after having returned from America. Avni makes the ‘mistake’ of opening a locked and forbidden room. Strange and unexplainable things start happening. Badhi and Batuk Shankar (Paresh Rawal) try to get rid of the evil

by seeking help of everyone from a black magician to a ghost buster. A psychiatrist from America Dr Aditya (Akshay Kumar), Shiddharth’s friend, comes to solve the problems with his modern teqniques.

At Gopi Krishna from October 12, and at Jai Nepal from October 13.