Simpson is looking for an "intellectual" man

LOS ANGELES: Jessica Simpson once famously confused tuna with chicken but the actress-singer says she wants to date a guy with brains. "I don''t want to get bored.

I can bore out pretty easily, so I love intellectual men.

people that will always keep me intrigued," the 29-year-old beauty was quoted as saying by Us magazine.

Simpson, who was dumped by Tony Romo on her birthday in July, has also listed other qualities that she seeks in her future relationship and spirituality figures on top of the list. "I definitely love a spiritual man, somebody that is going to always inspire me.

And, you know, I love artistic men, somebody that really understands their art, the actress says. Simpson recently returned from India with a Henna "tattoo".

The actress visited the country to film her reality show ''The Price of Beauty''. "I couldn''t have had this journey at a better time in my life, to seek out beauty, to seek out confidence, and to seek out the power of a woman," says the singer.

Simpson, whose fluctuating weight had invited a flood of negative press, says she is not discouraged by such reports. "It really is about who I am and what I want to become, and what''s going to make the best version of myself," she says.