Simpson spends a lot for stylish look

LONDON: Jessica Simpson is reportedly spending $25,000 on personal stylists for each episode of her new show.

The singer-and-actress, who is travelling the world to determine what is deemed attractive for 'The Price of Beauty', wants to look perfect before she shoots each programme.

A source said: "To get her camera-ready each episode will cost $25,000.

"She insists on using her own hair, make-up and fashion stylists, who are more expensive than J.Lo's."

VH1, who are making the series, are reportedly furious with the budget Jessica has assigned for her personal appearance.

However, a representative for the US TV network has refused to be drawn on the spending, saying: "We never comment on what we spend or don't spend."

Jessica's spokesperson insists everyone involved in the project is happy with the finances.

Cindi Berger said: "A budget was approved when the deal was made. All parties were satisfied."