Simpson's bedside vigil for sick gran

LOS ANGELES: Jessica Simpson is keeping a bedside vigil for her grandmother, who underwent major surgery last week (ends31Jan10).

The Irresistible singer appealed to her followers on to pray for her gran ahead of an operation to remove a tumour on Thursday (28Jan10).

She wrote, "God doesn't listen to our adjectives and adverbs. He listens to the simple need we have in our hearts. Pray with pure and simple FAITH. My Nana is having a tumor removed tomorrow. I have to have faith in prayer."

Simpson revealed she is keeping a close eye on her elderly gran following the surgery, adding: "Just left the hospital. She is a trooper. Don't like having to leave and go back to a hotel room, but I'll be back there tomorrow lovin' on her. Nana is a fighter! Pls (please) keep praying."

And the singer/actress hinted on Monday (01Feb10) that her grandmother is recovering well, joking to her online followers, "Bored at the hospital. I think I'm gonna go look for some hot doctors. MC Dreamy? MC Steamy? Clooney? Let the search begin."