Singers on the ramp

It was late Saturday evening. Dozens of excited youths were entering the premises of Hotel D’L Annapurna. The stage was adorned with special care. Colourful lights around the stage created a mesmerising atmosphere. Popular singers, favourites of young and old, were walking down the ramps. Planet MSN was cashing in on the rising trend of singers modelling for music videos of their own songs. Manjul Shamsher of Planet MSN said the programme meant to be an encouragement to the singers and for the development of the Nepali music sector. The arrival of Sanjiv Pradhan at the stage enthralled the audience. After Sanjiv, it was Babu Bogati, Bharat Sitaula, Karma Rumba, Kedar Shrestha, Abhinash Ghishing, Araj Keshav and Ram Laxman who entertained the audience with their songs. The real models were a major attraction while the modelling by the singers themselves was cheered by all.

The dance numbers that started after 8.30 pm converted the programme into party. Not only around the stage but also in the open field, the crowd was enjoying the music. Some thronged the food stalls while others enjoyed the beer and whiskey available till late evening. The programme, sponsored by Everest Beer, had media participation of Annapurna Post and The Himalayan Times. The models had donned designs created by Gunyuncholi, Rewaj and Vow Boutique. —HNS