Singing for a healthy life


The ambience at the Patan Museum courtyard on the evening of October 13 was just right for this concert for a cause. With the purpose of creating awareness among the public about kidney diseases and its prevention, the concert ‘Healthy kidney for healthy living’ was organised by the newly formed band Raktika.

“I recently realised that people are not well aware about kidney problems and diseases. After visiting the Nation Kidney Centre, we as a band decided to create the awareness through music. And bands like Night and Mukut supported us in this. Even the other guest bands were eager to come and help in this noble cause,” said Raktika’s frontman Lochan Rizal.

Raktika performed two numbers Maanis and Bato, which was well received. Then the band Baking Space Cake performed cover songs like Wish you were here, Fire and Comfortably numb.

As the evening progressed, more and more rock music fans started pouring in. Complementing the heritage site and architectural surrounding, the next band The Time performed a beautiful fusion instrumental piece. The harmony of sitar with other contemporary instruments created the perfect blend of the east and west. Night’s beautiful compositions left the crowd dumbstruck.

The closing gig for the concert was performed by progressive rock band Mukut, that performed Angali deu, Danda mathi, Chhutne bela, Nasa, Rock and roll, Tara and a new composition Kaidi ko jiwan.

The concert ended around 10:00 pm.