Sirdi temple opens at Le Meridien


The followers of Sirdi Sai Baba now have another reason to be happy. A third temple of the Baba has now opened on the lush and peaceful premises of the Le Meridian Kathmandu Golf Resort and Spa, Gokarna.

Nestled beside the Hunter’s Lodge a little further from the main hotel, the 80-people capacity temple hall boasts a life-like statue of Sirdi Sai Baba brought all the way from Gujarat. Inaugurated on November 28, the temple will be open to visitors during the day, while the timings for the pujas and aarati will be told later.

“There are many followers of Sirdi Sai Baba in the Capital, but there are very less places they can visit for praying,” explained Suman Sachdeva, director, Le Meridian Hotel, on the reason behind the temple’s construction. “We started planning since June, and the statue was brought about two months ago. Today turned out to be an auspicious day for the inauguration,” he added.

“We are very, very happy. We would like to thank them (the hotel management) so much for this,” shared devotee Puja Malla who assisted in “consecrating the statue”, and who also

runs another temple at Balaju where the daily four aaratis of the Baba are conducted.