Skin-scare: What to avoid


Every woman makes it a point to give some attention to their skin be

it just applying moisturiser before going to bed or putting sunscreen before they go out. While some follow an extensive beauty regime to keep their complexion glowing some

are just happy with minimal care.

No matter how much care you take of your skin there are some things that are considered sins of skincare. So no matter how much time you devote for your skincare you have to avoid the hazards mentioned below in order to treat your skin right.

Drinking alcohol

When you drink alcohol your skin’s capillaries dilate, leaving it blotchy. Drinking alcohol also dehydrates you and slows

cell renewal, leading to

a dull complexion and

potential long-term damage. The professionals advise to take vitamin C every day, to drink water and eat fruits rich in Vitamin A to help the body recover from boozing.

Not enough sleep

As anyone who has ever looked in the mirror after just a few hours’ of sleep can testify beauty sleep is no myth. After a day defending itself the skin’s energy reverses — nutrients, water, minerals and vitamins are naturally depleted. Skin needs sleep in order to replenish these reverses and look fresh. If you don’t have enough time to sleep a proper skincare is essential. Use night cream rich in vitamins because that’s the only way to keep your skin beautiful and healthy.


You cannot smoke and expect to counteract the

effects it has on your

skin with face creams, serums, masks.

Smokers get wrinkles because of the repetitive action of pursing their lips and squinting, and the carbon monoxide from cigarettes reduces the supply of blood and oxygen to the skin, which diminishes its ability to repair and rejuvenate. So, the only thing you can and must do is to stop smoking; in a few months your skin will recuperate.

Too much sun

Around 90 per cent of the skin aging is environmental, so sunscreen is

essential. UV light damages the skin. The direct sunlight combined with aging leads to wrinkles, fine lines, crow’s feet, discolorations and coarseness. In other words skin looks tough as old boots. These are many lotions and creams that speed up skin’s renewal process.

Too much skin care

Over-cleaning can cause problems and harsh exfoliation can scratch the surface of the skin, which leads to irritation. Harsh astringents that contain alcohol strip the skin of its natural sebum, which will in turn send sebaceous glands into overdrive, creating more oil. Greasy or heavy creams meanwhile can block pores and exacerbate spots. If your skin is already irritated you should avoid exfoliating your skin as well as excessively perfumed products for at least a week.



Eyebrows are vital in balancing your facial features and that’s why over-plucking is like a bad haircut. It makes your features appear harsher and gives you that surprised look. So stay away from the tweezers. You should let the hairs re-grow for at least three weeks if not more. After a month of abstinence get your eyebrows professionally reshaped, then you can keep up the maintenance at home. — Agencies