KATHMANDU: Packing for a trip is always confusing as you feel like you require everything, but then travelling light is what you want. Did you know that it is possible to travel with just one bag?

While selecting items, consider how important they are and how often will you use it. Also take into consideration if those things can be borrowed or bought at the place where you are going.

• Get a bigger bag that has shoulder or back straps and plenty of pockets.

• While packing use the bundle method where you wrap clothes around large objects (such as bags of toiletries or pairs of shoes), rather than folding or rolling clothes. This not only saves space but also prevents wrinkling.

• You can stuff underwear and socks in shoes to save space and to prevent crushing shoes.

• Buy toiletries in miniature or transfer liquid contents like shampoo into smaller travel bottles.

• To avoid leaking of toiletries put the bottles in plastic bags so that your clothes don’t get spoiled by shampoo or gel et cetera.

• There is another way to prevent shampoo bottle from leaking — take a good size piece of plastic (like a piece of trash bag or sandwich bag) unscrew the lid off of the shampoo, cover the hole and then screw the lid back on. Make sure the plastic is sticking out around all sides of the lid.

• Keep money in several different places (your pants pocket, your jacket, two different places in your purse and/or main bag), so you won’t lose everything in the event of a robbery.

• Bring one set of basics for each day of travel — underwear, socks, et cetera. If the trip is over five to seven days, plan on washing clothes.