Sneh’s Secret : Go pink this season

Looking for that perfect shadow to compliment your dreamy eyes? Look no further. Celebrated make-up artiste Sneh Rana is here with tips.

I have a lot of left over lipsticks, but don’t know what to do with them. Can you give me some ideas?

— Seema Upreti-Baneshwor

Don’t waste leftover lipsticks. Get an old ice tray and put bits of leftover lipsticks into the square compartments. To apply, use a lip brush.

I have very high cheek bones. How do I emphasise them?

— Rosa Chettri-Bishalnagar

To emphasise high cheekbones, draw a line with a blusher two shades darker than your skin tone, under your cheek bone in the hollow of the cheek. Start with the corner of your eye moving towards the ear. Blend the shade upwards. The darker remaining in the hollow part of your cheek.

I love reading your column but have never applied makeup as I don’t know if it will suit me?

—A housewife

More women can afford to go with make-up. Even a touch of make-up can enhance the plainest looking face. So don’t be afraid to try some.

I had bought a foundation shade which I am not very happy with. I feel it does not suit my skin. Can you tell me what I can do with it?

— Pratibha-sanepa

If you are not happy with the foundation shade you bought then you can mix two shades together to get the colour you desire.

I have hazel eyes and my sister has brown eyes. Can you tell us what colour eye shadow will suit our eye colour?

— Samita, Namita and Teku

For hazel eyes try mushroom, taupe and beige shades or go slightly glamorous with mauve shade or green. For brown eyes try earth tones: like brown or rust.

I am really impressed by the advice that you render to the people. It’s amazing, innovative and creative and are different than the traditional ones. Well, I’ve a scar on my nose as well as on the cheeks. I did apply Vitamin E to erase the scar but the trace is always there. I don’t bother about it... but please do you have any suggestions regarding this? I’ll be desperately waiting for your reply because I don’t want to seek a plastic surgeon.

— Sagee Shrestha

About the scar you mentioned I don’t think it will go unless you do laser surgery on it, but with makeup you can camouflage it with a concealer so at least you can be confident. You can get a concealer in any leading departmental stores.

Hello! First of all I want to congratulate the Himalayan Times for this column which makes it a complete newspaper now. And secondly I’m very happy to see Sneh Rana who we keep reading about hosting this coloumn. She is not only beautiful but a true ambassadress to beauty. My question to her is... What is the hottest fashion trend this spring/summer and what is the colour of makeup this season?

— Rama Singh/Battisputali

The hottest fashion trend this summer/spring are Italian charm bracelets. And the colour for makeup this season is pink. From eye shadows to blushes to lipsticks to glosses to nail paint pink is everywhere.

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