Sneh’s Secret : Sunkissed and glowing

The sun is beating down hot upon the most intrepid of girls next door on their way to college, the carefreest of holidaymakers and clubbers, the coolest of professionals and most radiant of beauties out shopping on the street and the most well groomed and elegant among bosses. Here’s how to make up for the heat and still emerge fresh, bronzed and glowing. Doubts may be clarified at

I have been using toner before putting sunscreen, but one of my friends told me that it should be used only before going to bed after removing makeup. Is it true??? What needs to be put before using sunscreen for an oily face? Please suggest. — Anee

As you have an oily face I suggest you only put the sunscreen lotion after washing your face. A toner can be applied after washing off your makeup, then you can moisturise your face and go to bed.

I am 20 years old. I have red cheeks. My face looks red all the time. What can be done to make my face look a little normal? — Pratima

As you have red cheeks I suggest you apply a bit of powder on your face after applying your moisturising lotion as that will take away the redness from your cheeks. Stay away from blush.

I have small and hooded eyes so even if I apply a thick layer of kajal, it doesn’t make a difference. How can I make my eyes look bigger? Help! Looking forward for your solution. — Subina Gurung

For small hooded eyes you should apply a light shadow from your lash line to your lid or crease. Apply a medium shadow in your crease. Use a dark eye shadow or eye pencil and draw a thin line along the upper lashes to give them definition. Highlight the brow bone with a shimmery shade to add lift.

I have a problem with my lip colour. I have quite a fair complexion & love wearing light coloured lipsticks. But since the colour of me lips are dark, when I use light coloured lipsticks,

a different colour comes out instead. So could you please suggest me something? I want to use only light colour lipsticks like light pink. — Renu Limbu, Maharajgung

As you have discoloured lips you should get yourself a concealer and apply a bit all over your lips and pat powder slightly over them. Wait for a while then apply your lipstick.

The prize for the question of the week goes to Renu Limbu.