Sneh’s Secret : The magic is working

Want to capture the look of the season? Seeking tips on what’s in and isn’t. Drop a line to our beauty advisor at and wait for the magic to start happening.

I have a wheatish complexion. I have never put makeup on my face except for kajal sometimes. I want a natural look and want light makeup. But I’m totally confused as to what to use since I fear that it might damage my skin. Please help me out. In what way can I make my face look natural? — Ruth Pun

Firstly you must remember that makeup never damages your skin, it’s the cheap quality makeup that one uses, which damages your skin. Use Lakme’ Magic Soufflé for the face as it’s a mild foundation which will protect your skin and then you can use your kajal and a light blush and lipstick. You will have put on makeup, and yet look natural.

Is it always necessary to use powder after applying foundation like Maybe line’s wonder finish foundation? — Shirush Chand

It isn’t necessary to apply powder after using your foundation unless you have an oily complexion. Some people apply powder as it gives them a more finished look but it is completely your choice.

I’ve been following your column for some time now and wondered if you could help me. What face cut is considered the most apt? Could you be kind enough to answer this with reference to your own face cut? — Sawitri Agarwal

An oval face is considered the most apt face as that shape is perfect. The rest of the shapes are equally good as long as you know how to apply makeup on that face shape. For that you need to go for a makeup consultancy to a makeup artist.

I am quite a party animal and like doing flashy make-up for the parties I go to. But I somehow

don’t know how to apply glitter on my face and body and end up doing it too much. Please suggest me ways of applying glitter. — Niddhi Pokharel

Wow! I love people who are creative

with makeup. Get yourself the wet gel body glitter and apply sparingly all over your

exposed parts, not too much as you would

not like to look like a Christmas tree. For your face you can apply the shimmer powder

after you have put on your makeup for the

finishing effect, and slightly over your eyelids to open up your eyes.

What is the right kind of lipstick for this summer? Is it gloss or matte? — Shreya Arya

Definitely gloss or cream lipsticks, but not matte. If you are in your teens and in your twenties I advise you to put on gloss, and that applies for any season.