Sneh’s Secret: Who’s perfect?

You think you are too good for makeup? Too pretty, too wild, too famous or too serious, able and strong? You are mistaken. Want to know why? Snook a zinger at and the beautiful Sneh Rana will help you see reason and also make you smile. Why? Because the bonus is your face and your life that will be brighter and shining by dint of her ideas.

I am a very serious, conservative, female professional. Can you suggest a certain type of makeup that would suit my image? — Shova Rana

First you should moisturise your face, and then apply a compact all over your face. For drier skin you can use a moisturiser with a foundation. Use a light coloured eye shadow and follow it up with black mascara on your top lashes. For fair skin use a plum pink blush and for darker skin use a terracotta colour. Use a natural long lasting lipstick with a matching lipliner.

I love applying lipsticks. Can you suggest some shades for different types of skin? I have dark skin? —Meena Dangol

If you have dark skin shades, plums, chocolates, reds, pastels, and oranges will suit your skin. If you have medium skin all shades of reds, brown based mauve, spicy brown will look good. If you have pale skin stick to nudes, beige tones, light corals and light pinks. Remember your lips are the one area of your face where you can really play with colour.

I love applying makeup. I wanted to know how one applies the makeup base. — Sumitra Shrestha

Your foundation should be a shade darker than your skin tone. When you buy a new foundation buy it in daylight. You can buy either a liquid or a cake foundation. Always apply foundation sparingly to avoid a caked up look. Dot foundation all over your face and neck and blend it with a dampened cosmetic sponge. Go easy on your foundation during summers andin monsoons or if you are staying outdoors for too long a period of time.