It is believed that art and literature reflect social thought, change and convention. A group exhibition of paintings at Gallery Nine, Lazimpat validates this adage. Lubhu, which is only five km away from Ring Road, was chosen for the week-long art workshop for its unique location and religious historicity that would provide serenity and solitude to the artists’ souls.

However, leaving out a handful of paintings, the canvases are splashed with mainly Lubhu landscapes as well as views seen from the place.

Even the painting by Kiran Manandhar is a semi-abstract depiction of a mountain. He has pasted straws and splashed colours all over his beautiful sketch. “Even mountain life has become difficult live due to what is prevailing in the country these days,” Manandhar said.

Shashi Bikram Shah’s customary equine figures also carry an irate comment on the present situation. But why did the artists turn to rebellion? “After all, artists are people of this country. How can they ignore what is going around them?”

he said.

Manandhar, Shah and Uttam Nepali conducted this workshop that ended four weeks ago

in order to foster artistic exchange between older and later generations of artists.

The paintings are done in oil, acrylic as well as mixed media. The prices range from Rs 2,000 to Rs 25,000. The exhibition is on till August 18.